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Thread: AnyGeneral tips for a new Ashes player?

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    Question AnyGeneral tips for a new Ashes player?

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the community, but have been playing ashes for about two months. I just picked up Brennan's deck and a second copy of the game for the purpose of deck building. Are there any general tips or common strategies? Any suggestions for how to deck build with Brennan? Is Anchornaut a must for this deck? And am I correct in thinking that Brennan's play style is similar to the fallen Phoenix from summoner wars?

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    Hey, I'm not a expert but I've been playing since the per orders came in and have placed well in a couple small tourneys so not a total noob either.

    I find Brennan does well with a small group of blockers dealing direct damage over the top. Cheap summons are really useful for spirit burn, monks probably being the best. I wouldn't worry about economy cards as I think Brenan plays best rushing for damage, also don't be afraid to do lots of meditating (probability of a card being on the bottom is the same as being on top so you don't loose anything unless you deck out).

    Use the other best units in the game (EV, frost bears) to hold board control while you shoot over the top with spirit burn, molten, etc. Avoiding being punished for weak board control with regress (usually on hammer knight) and blood chains (ideally with an exhausted unit). You probably want mostly nature and ceremonial dice (chant of revenge combos really hard with spirit burn). Maybe a third colour for a surprise card.
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