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    Govera could not move. She could not sense her legs or her arms. Or her body at all. She reached back into her memories, trying to make sense of what she was experiencing, but it was shrouded in fog. She remembered being sent as an emissary to Ret-Talus, the Rotten King. There was an attack on the road. An ambush. Horrible creatures swarming over her small party. They were unarmed. The creatures had were not -- they held no swords or clubs but attacked them with fang and claw and the ferocity that knows not fear because it is incapable of emotion.

    Govera opened her eyes.

    She beheld a small room, sparsely furnished. A large, well-built Vargath was tending the fire. This one she knew. He had betrayed them, that much she remembered. He would pay with his life, and more if possible. But not yet. Now she needed him.


    "Yes, my lady!" He spoke with a mixture of surprise and joy. "You have awoken! I feared you were no more." There was a hint of shame in his bearing.

    "What has become of me? Why am I unable to move?"

    "My lady, your head is all that remains of you now. Sunderved separated your head from your body, and tossed you into a rubbish heap. Your body has been burned. I -- I was unable to recover it."

    Betrayers, all. First Flendas. Then Ret-Talus. Even Sunderved, her beloved leader. Beloved no longer. He would pay. They would all pay.

    Govera gathered her thoughts. She felt a pulsing sensation inside her skull and she had a notion what was causing it. "Bring me to the cemetery, Flendas," she bellowed. "Let us begin our work."

    "But the Rotten King ordered us to --"

    "Silence!" Govera's voice was dripping with spite as she cut him off sharply. "I am your mistress now. You will obey my orders." A glowing spark began to brighten the room. Flendas, a longtime member of a Vargath war party, was no stranger to the sight of ball lightning, but to his astonishment, it was coming out of his chest. He collapsed on the floor, suddenly weak.

    "Please," he rasped. He tried to say more but was unable. Govera relented, and the life spark returned to Flendas. Panting and sweating, he managed to bring himself to a kneeling position. "My lady." He bowed deeply. "Your servant will not question you again, mistress."

    Govera's eyes narrowed. How she longed to continue the torture. But that must wait for another day. "Lift my head, and take me to the graveyard!"

    Flendas complied. He was full of questions but thought better of giving them voice. Against Sunderved and Ret-Talus, how could they stand a chance? They would need to visit many graveyards in the days to come in order to raise an army to be of any effectiveness. Perhaps at an opportune time . . . .

    Govera, Summoner of the Fallen Vargath
    1 attack, 1 life, bow symbol
    Indestructible Head
    Any wound markers that Govera would receive are ignored. At the beginning of your turn, if Govera is the only Unit you control on the battlefield, destroy Govera. This ability can never be negated or lost.

    Rules Card: Lightning Tokens
    Some events and abilities of the Fallen Vargath refer to Lightning Tokens. They are yellow tokens the size of wound markers and represent a globe of ball lightning. If one or more Lightning Tokens is on an empty space, that space is still considered an empty space. If any Unit enters a space that contains one or more lightning tokens, that Unit's movement immediately ends. Roll a die for each Lightning Token on the space. For each roll of 3 or higher, that Unit receives 1 wound. Then remove the Lightning Tokens from that space. A Unit that is destroyed by wounds inflicted by Lightning Tokens is placed in the discard pile of the player who controlled that Unit.


    Spark of Life (x2)
    Until the start of your next turn, whenever one of your Units is destroyed, place 1 Lightning Token on the space formerly occupied by that Unit.

    Lightning Trail (x2)
    For the rest of your turn, whenever one of your Fallen Vargath Units moves or is moved, place 1 Lightning token on each space through which it moved, not counting the starting and ending spaces.

    Showering Sparks (x2)
    Choose one: Either place 1 wound marker on every Unit adjacent to your summoner, or place 1 Lightning token on each empty space adjacent to your Summoner.

    Heads will Roll (x3)
    Immediately move your Summoner up to 7 clear straight line spaces.


    Skeletal Warrior
    1 attack, 2 life, sword symbol for 1 magic
    Battle Locked
    When this Skeletal Warrior is destroyed, if it is on your opponent's side of the battlefield, it is placed in the controlling player's discard pile instead of the destroying player's magic pile.

    The bodies of these Vargath are so far decayed, no flesh remains upon their bones. But those old bones still feel the furor of battle.

    2 attack, 1 life, sword symbol for 2 magic
    Lightning Empowerment
    When attacking with this Channeller you may remove from the board 1 Lightning token in a space adjacent to this Channeller. If you do so, you may either add 1 to this Channeller's attack value OR treat it as if it had the bow symbol for that attack.

    Vargath who have experienced death are even more adept with manipulation of electric life energy.

    1 attack, 1 life, sword symbol for 0 magic
    Soul Extraction
    After destroying a Unit with this Cultist, place 1 Lightning token in the space formerly occupied by the Unit that was destroyed.

    Not all of Govera's followers are undead. A considerable number of living Vargath have been convinced or coerced to join her ranks. A mob of these cultists may descend upon an unsuspecting village and leave in their wake a collection of floating globes of lightning.


    3 attack, 5 life, sword symbol for 6 magic
    Soul Consumption
    When Dracomur enters a space with 1 or more Lightning Tokens, for every 3 or higher that is rolled, instead of placing a wound marker on Dracomur, remove one.

    "Blood?" whispers Dracomur. "There is no life in the blood. The spark, yes, the spark! That is where the life resides, and that is what I desire to feed upon!"

    3 attack, 7 life, sword symbol for 5 magic
    At the end of your turn, roll a die. If you roll a 1, choose an opponent. That opponent takes control of Flendas.

    Flendas is a great warrior of the Vargath, but he values victory most highly of all. Perhaps too highly. He is always unsure if he is fighting on the side most likely to win, and might change allegiances quickly and unpredictably, sometimes multiple times in the same battle.

    2 attack, 8 life, sword symbol for 7 magic
    Instead of attacking with Moosamdo, choose a Unit adjacent to him. Place that Unit on a different, empty space that is also adjacent to Moosamdo. Then place 1 wound marker on that Unit.

    In life, Moosamdo was a champion of the fighting pits. In battle he forwent weapons to brawl with fists and feet. In undeath he is no less powerful, and even more fearless.
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