Preparing for a Tourney in Toronto at the end of the month my buddy and I have been testing some decks. Thus far we have not been able to find a deck that does well against the Direct Damage Jessa.

Direct Damage Jessa

enchanted violinist
buttfly monks
hammer knights

Ready spells
chant of revenge
expand energy

Action/reaction spells
molten gold
final cry
sympathy pain

I've seen lots of slight variations and tweaks on it but the core of the deck is pretty simple. You put a wall of cheap life units in front of you, when your units die use chant/screams, use direct ping damage from EV, guilders, natural dice to remove their units and trigger screams of the departed. Draw and play molten golds.

This deck is cheap, fast, and has many ways to deal un-blockable damage. All the attempts I have made to make a "hard counter" to this deck have shown a mediocre performance at best (hypno rush maoni is the only thing that comes close i.e. hypno in a strike boosted hammer knight round 1 then try and race direct damage; and it has problems against a lot of other strategies).

Anyone find a good counter to direct damage Jessa?