"Snag's Egg Hunt"

The tavern was filled with cheerful mice dancing and singing, Snibble raised his voice above the crowd, speaking of course to Wella and Gleesa, the mouse maids he had served with in the war.

"Your golden fur looks good with a hint of silver," he said with a smile, "no reason for a couple beauties like yourselves to look so long muzzled, special not with the egg festival and all." Wella shot him a look for his compliment. Gleesa's nose blushed a darker pink.

They explained that they had been remembering this same spring day so many years ago, Before the festival. Snibble remembered, just as well, the day that Snag came hunting. He appeared in the early morn quicker than the March hare. It was a sad day for every good creature, furred and feathered both.

"Those days are behind us now, so put a smile on those faces, because that is a reason to celebrate," demanded Snibble as he filled their mugs. The she mice smiled and drank and laughed, but their thoughts still lingered on that sorrowful day that Snag had his egg hunt.

•Starting set up

# of players: 2

Nest points: 20

Victory condition for mice: complete the final phase of round 10 -or-destroy opponent's nest.

Victory condition for rats: the starling egg is transported off the battle field -or- the opponent's nest is destroyed.


When placing figures the mice may start on any tree but not the sapling.

The sapling is the battlefield axis and the rat home tree. place a nest over the trunk portion.

The starling egg: the berry token represents the egg, it's starting location is secret from the rat player. Mouse player, places 3 twig tokens and 1 berry token as shown, face down.

Mouse player must choose one hero action card to be "Egg bomb": 2 cheese (req. mouse pilot) when an opponent reveals a twig token play egg bomb to make a 3 dice ranged attack against the figure that revealed it.

Any time the base of a rat figure is touching a token reveal it.

A bird may pick up the egg (not egg bombs) as part of a swoop attack and transport it like a ground figure, as long as no enemy figures are touching the egg. If a bird carrying the egg is defeated place the egg under that figures base.

Leaves are placed on spaces marked A,C,&D.

If played as part of a campaign where more than one set is available:

•mice victory: normal victory reward plus upgrade 1 starling.

•rat victory: normal victory reward plus rats armies may choose to include 1 common starling.

• loser gains normal reward.