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Thread: Minion Battle, How Many Dice?

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    Just played through the first adventure with my kids, we failed.

    We were on the second tile, roaches showed up. The roaches were attacking us and they rolled a bunch of Cheese. That was ultimately our downfall, as our hourglass marker moved up a few pages when the Minion Cheese Wheel filled.

    When minions attack a mouse, do I roll dice for every single minion individually? If there are six roaches, they all attack mice, then does each minion roll dice. and thus increase their chances for Cheese?

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    Yes, every minion rolls dice individually.

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    We managed to win last night. Came down to Ability choices (Knife Strike for Filch, Backslash for Collin) and intentionally acquiring Roachmaster.

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    Glad you got a WIN last night. fighting your way through the minions can be a bugger, especially when the dice really love cheese!
    Were you only playing with 2 heroes?
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