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    Mloop scrunched up his nose in disgust. The Swamp Orc warrior was accustomed to the damp, of course, and the darkness he did not mind either. But the narrowness of the passages through which his much smaller guide had been leading him was almost too much for him to bear. Stooping at the low ceilings and squeezing through the tiny openings had left bumps on his head and bruises on his arms and legs. An inglorious method of obtaining injuries, he thought, or he would have thought had his orcish tongue been capable of using such language. A more direct translation was probably closer to "hurts from not battle me spit on." In Swamp Orc culture spitting on something (or someone) was a common way of showing contempt, and the phrase "spit on" was often used figuratively to show dislike or disrespect.

    Now his Cave Goblin guide had disappeared down a tunnel so small Mloop was forced to get down and crawl, first on his hands and knees, then on his naked belly. Black orcish blood spattered the rough, jagged floor of the tunnel, but Mloop merely grunted his annoyance and pressed on. Krif, the Cave Goblin, was barely half the size of his Swamp-dwelling guest, and was likewise starting to lose patience. If they made such slow going merely traveling to the meeting place, how could such large creatures fight effectively in the heat of battle? But then his thoughts returned to the desperate situation in which his people found themselves, and how they had come to diplomatic negotiations with such an unlikely ally. The disgusting cabal known as the Filth were on the verge of exterminating his race. (And considering the hygiene and grooming of the Cave Goblins, the fact that Krif found the Filth disgusting said a lot.) Sneeks had not been heard from in weeks. Mostly likely dead. Frick had been seen recently, but covered in festering boils and having several extra limbs. Krif shuddered to think what fate may await him if he were captured. Better to bump into a mole ogre or a back-halfer, and get it over with quickly.

    Finally the pair emerged into a cavernous hall. Torches blazed, illuminating a host of figures and creating dancing shadows behind them. Mloop was grateful that he was able to stand fully erect for the first time in what seemed like hours, and more grateful still to see a band of fellow Swamp Orcs who were waiting for him. On a journey so long and winding, he had been starting to grow concerned about the possibility of betrayal and ambush, yet the sight of familiar faces allayed his fears. Noticing also a small crowd of pitiful-looking Cave Goblins but ignoring them for a time, Mloop gave a traditional greeting to the leader of the orcish delegation, Borch, baring his fangs and uttering something between a hiss and growl. Borch directed him into a corner, out of earshot from the others.

    "What news from Mugglug?"

    "He has authorized me to act. But only if I deem the circumstances appropriate. So far I don't like what I've seen."

    "There is potential, here, Mloop. The goblin called Retch has found a way to --"

    "It's all wrong, Borch," Mloop interrupted. "There's no light for the vines to grow. No soil to nourish them. Our kind doesn't belong down here."

    "'A heron in the desert must give up his diet of fish and learn to eat lizards and scorpions.'" Borch quoted an old proverb. "We don't have access to the vines, but we can teach our tactics to the Cave Goblins. Surround the enemy. Choke him and strangle him. Club him down when he is overwhelmed and helpless. If Mugglug only knew how quickly these goblins learn. They may be small and weak, but they are clever beyond their appearance."

    "I have a stone." Borch's eyes widened, but he said nothing. Mloop continued, "But I'd just as soon keep it for myself. Ah, uh, for our people."

    "The Filth are growing too powerful, Mloop," Borch countered. "The little goblins seem weak and pitiful but you don't want to face them when they are armored, tentacled, winged -- " Mloop cringed at the thought of a horde of flying Cave Goblins divebombing his war party on the open fields. "The stones are becoming more and more common, somehow," Borch continued. "Before long even that wench Natazga will have one."

    Mloop held his tongue. That argument would have to wait for another time. Instead he held up his hand for silence. Out of the corner of his eye he had noticed one of the goblins playing in a puddle of slime and muck. At first it seemed that he was just splashing about aimlessly, but Mloop noticed that the filmy scum on the surface of the water was actually responding to the goblin's presence, rolling itself into little balls that glided along the surface of the puddle. Mloop returned his eyes to his comrade.

    "Very well, Borch," he said wearily. "Let's give this little one the stone and see what he can do with it."

    Retch, Summoner of the Cave Swamp
    2 attack, 5 life, sword symbol
    Master of Slime
    Instead of moving with Retch, you may place a Lesser Ooze from your conjuration pile adjacent to him, or pay 1 magic to do this twice. Instead of attacking with Retch, you may move all of your conjurations 1 space each, or pay 1 magic to do this twice.


    Lesser Ooze (x10)
    0 attack, 2 life, sword symbol
    When this Lesser Ooze is destroyed, it is always placed in its owner's Conjuration Pile.

    Greater Ooze (x5)
    0 attack, 3 life, sword symbol
    When this Greater Ooze is destroyed, it is always placed in its owner's Conjuration Pile. Then place a Lesser Ooze from the Conjuration Pile in its place.


    Empowering Slime (x3)
    All Cave Swamp units you control gain the following ability until the end of your turn:
    Oozing With Power
    When this Unit attacks, increase its attack by 1 for every Conjuration you control that is adjacent to this Unit.

    Hardened Slime (x2)
    Until the beginning of your next turn, when an opponent rolls to attack a Conjuration you control, that Conjuration only receives Wound Markers from die results of 6 or higher during that attack.

    Embiggened Slime (x2)
    Until the beginning of your next turn, whenever you would place a Lesser Ooze onto the battlefield, place instead a Greater Ooze.

    Slimesplosion (x1)
    Choose up to 3 Conjurations that you control. Place a Poison Marker on every Unit adjacent at least one of the chosen Conjurations. Then destroy those Conjurations.

    Engulfing Slime (x1)
    Choose up to 3 Conjurations that you control. For each chosen Conjuration, destroy a Common Unit that is adjacent to the chosen Conjuration.


    1 attack, 1 life, sword symbol for 0 magic
    After attacking with this Slimeherder, roll a die and add the number of Conjurations you control adjacent to this Slimeherder. On a result of 6 or higher, you may immediately move this Slimeherder up to 2 spaces and attack again.

    The Cave Goblins assigned to care for Retch's slimy creations become fiercely protective of the little animated globs, sometimes going into a frenzied assault if their feel their charges are threatened.

    1 attack, 1 life, sword symbol for 0 magic
    Throw Ooze
    During your attack phase, if this Slimehurler is adjacent to at least 1 Conjuration you control, treat it as if it has the bow symbol. If a target attacked by this Slimehurler is destroyed you may pick up a Conjuration you control adjacent to this Slimehurler and place it in the space that target formerly occupied.

    No rocks at hand for throwing? Throw an ooze!

    Slime Baby
    1 attack, 1 life, sword symbol for 0 magic
    During your summon phase, instead of summoning this Slime Baby adjacent to one of your walls, you may summon it adjacent to any Conjuration your control.

    Somehow Retch has managed to create new little Cave Goblins out of pure slime. The little tykes are adorably cute but watch out for those sharp teeth and claws!


    2 attack, 6 life, sword symbol for 5 magic
    Ooze Genesis
    After attacking a Unit with Mloop, if at least one wound is inflicted but that Unit was not destroyed, you may place a Lesser Ooze from your Conjuration Pile on an empty space adjacent to that Unit. If that unit was destroyed by the attack, you may place a Greater Ooze from your Conjuration Pile on the space that unit formerly occupied.

    Mloop has tipped his war club with magic slime, causing living ooze to erupt from the wounds of his foes.

    2 attack, 7 life, bow symbol for 6 magic
    Absorption Aura
    When a Conjuration you control within 3 spaces of Borch is attacked, before any dice are rolled, you may place 1 wound marker on Borch to ignore all wound markers that would be placed on that Conjuration.

    Borch is fully committed to the cause of the Cave Swamp, even to the point of giving his lifeblood to sustain the slime creatures so vital to his faction's mission.

    Slime Behemoth
    1 attack, 8 life, sword symbol for 6 magic
    Whenever Slime Behemoth receives one or more wound markers, if you are able, you must place a Lesser Ooze from your Conjuration Pile in an empty space adjacent to Slime Behemoth. When the Slime Behemoth is destroyed, place a Greater Ooze from your Conjuration Pile in its place.

    Retch wondered what would happen if he combined a large number of little oozes to form one big ooze. He was well-pleased with the result.

    5/23/16: Increased Lesser Ooze life points from 1 to 2.
    6/3/16: Allowing Retch to pay magic to do more stuff.
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