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    Hey guys! I don't have a solid community in which to play Ashes where I live, but I'm really enjoying thinking about deck building. Since I have nobody else to play against or really talk about deep strategy with, I was wondering if you'd have a look at my deck and give me a little feedback.

    Tell me what you think, what you would use as your First Five, and if I should consider adding a bit more deck utility and what you would replace. I'dd like to add Hidden Power to give me a bit more leverage to outlast my opponent during a round and sneak some damage in via some sneaky Sleeping Widows. But I don't know if the Hidden Power is necessary. Also, whereas this deck seems like a good idea in my head, I'm wondering if Saria's average Battlefield allows for enough Unit Spam to make effective use of Sympathy Pain, Sleeping Widows, and Chant of Revenge without sucking up all of my dice resources.

    Should I use charm power dice to sneak in extra damage if the opportunity presents itself? Or is it wasteful in a deck that so heavily relies on Charm dice for other card plays?


    Here's a Link:

    NOTE: Is there a way to edit the deck name? I'd like it to be called something like Widowmaker of Lighthouse Bay.
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