Do you "need" to go first?, Do you favor your pilot action cards? Are you constantly low on ground figures and the cheese to reinforce them?

For Me, the answer is a resounding yes. It took me long enough to realize the obvious solution, that i thought i might share it with ya. I call the strategy, "Forge,forge, forge." Sounds obvious, right? Heres how it works.

When setting tilt for the first round of the game, do not set your birds to launch position, or at least not all of your birds. Then spend the round forging with every available unit, including perched birds. There is no quick way to attack the home tree in round one, so you'll basically be safe. If you positioned correctly you'll be lined up to swoop attack any newly placed units from a siege next turn, with plenty of cheese to spend for initiative. In the rounds to follow those perched birds with detour invasion from both air and ground because they can quickly point the direction of any threat when they enter launch position at round start. You can't do this trick forever, but perching and spending a round forging with every available unit is a quick way to fill the cheese wheel.

Things to remember:
•you can only have 6 cheese at a time, it is likely you'll have more units than space for cheese on the wheel.
•forge with the least likely figure to be needed in combat before forging with others, they should be obvious.
•use your forging to by time while you wait for your enemy to move into a more vulnerable position.
•Do not forge when you should be fighting. Occasionally you might absolutely need to forge for the cheese to play iron spurs next turn or something, but usually its best to focus on the fight when units are in danger.
•be careful, this strategy is obvious, and your enemy will look for you to give up key activations forging, so they can assault you without retaliation.