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Thread: Brooks Edge Raid custom scenario (Hookmaw)

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    Default Brooks Edge Raid custom scenario (Hookmaw)


    Intro read "The Story Of Hookmaw part 4a."

    Board set up: Basic previewed board layout. Roll for 1st player, then take turns placing Downwood militia birds in launch position on their home tree before each player places their own then figures set mouse nest dial at 10. The rat nest dial is not used.

    Victory: Be the first player to have claimed a tail feather, an objective token, and a mission token, or claim the most pts by the final round.

    Roll two dice, player with highest total # value gets choice of:

    Player army: common rook/Snag lowest rank.
    Action cards: Double shot, Flog, Steady, and Veer.
    Player army: common black bird/Hookmaw custom lowest rank.
    Action cards: Battle squeak, Brutality, Soar, and veer.

    Hookmaw, vermin raider
    Rank 2
    Unique rat pilot terror

    Sneer: when Hookmaw is attacked by a normal attack from a figure in close range, that attacker rolls one less dice.

    Melee proficiency
    Melee/ranged/piloting/bonus life

    Small 3pts

    Alliance army: Common jay bird/common pilot, Common starling/Common pilot, Common starling/Common pilot, two Oakguard figures.

    Downwood militia gets no action cards in this scenario.

    Special rules:

    •3 player variant: while having a third person play the Downwood militia army, they may choose where to place the mice special mission token as well as make all choices for bird/pilot activations. Downwood militia player does not roll initiative, instead may activate one unit after each other players turn. Once each other player is done activating may active all remaining bird/pilot units one after another.

    •nests may not be wounded.

    •Evacuate- Each time the mice resolve a special mission move the mice nest dial 1 down, at 0 the game ends. Score points for tokens claimed, tail feather=3pts, mission=2pts, veteran=1pt.

    •Tokens are claimed by: tail feather=defeat a bird, mission=place a wound on the last figure in the mission box (don't claim the mice special mission token), objective token=drop a rat on the mice home tree.

    •Players 1 & 2 may not attack each other.

    •Each player takes one Snag's commando figure. That figure may not activate. Place it on a space on the rat home tree. Any time that rat is removed from play or placed on the mice home, instead return it to a space on the rat home.

    •After rolling initiative, player two places two Oakguard figures on the mice mission box and player one places places the mice special mission token in play. Then every bird that is currently out of play should be placed in a reserves box.

    •After tilting or choosing not to tilt their birds, the player whose bird is farthest from an Downwood militia bird or if a tie 1st player will choose how that bird will tilt.

    •After a each player takes a turn they must choose one Downwood bird, the player whose figure is farthest from that bird or if a tie 1st player must take a turn with it attempting to defeat the closest rat (no matter who activated the bird after moving it should always attack the closest enemy bird). After both players turns are done follow the same rule for any other Downwood militia birds.

    •At the end of the final phase place any birds in a reserves box on the board following set up rules.

    Conclusion read "The story of Hookmaw part 4b."
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    Very cool.


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