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    Hi all

    My daughter and I loved playing through all three stories for Mice and Mystics as well as the missing chapters.

    While we (impatiently) waited for news of a new, official story we began writing our own.

    The story runs to 6 chapters but only four have been play tested. Changes in family life have meant we probably won't get a chance to play for a while now so I thought I put what we had up for anyone who wants to try them.

    The link below should open a shared Google Drive folder with the PDFs. Any comments and corrections will be gratefully received.

    The story requires Sorrow & Remembrance and Downwood Tales. It also makes use of The Heart of Glorm but has alternate content if you do not own that story.

    Artwork is from various sources (including Plaid Hat Games) and no challenge to copyright is intended (unfortunately the document I was keeping with references of where the artwork came from was corrupted so I cannot credit anyone).

    If anyone is a capable artist and wants to do some bespoke artwork for this story I'd obviously welcome it
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    I've downloaded this and started to take a look. I see a lot of work has gone in to this already! Thank you for Sharing!

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