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    If multiple units attack my Phoenixborn, can redirect be used to divert all the damage received, or just the damage from one of the attackers?
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    I believe you can only redirect the damage from one.

    Why? Because Redirect triggers off a situation where your Phoenixborn would receive damage. When resolving an 'attack a Phoenixborn' action, each unit that attacks resolves separately (one at a time). Because each attack is resolved separately, Redirect can only be triggered during one of the attack resolutions, not all of them. This is actually a smart move from the designers as players don't spend ages attacking with one unit at a time when their opponent's battlefield is empty for fear of this card being played.

    The situation where Redirect could work for multiple unit's damage, is during an 'attack a unit' action, where the Phoenixborn guards. In an attack a unit action, damage is lumped and dealt at once. If the PB was to guard for a targeted unit, it would receive the damage in one lumped sum, and this could be entirely redirected.

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