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Savagers are less likely to die in one turn with vines around, other than to common hate cards (where you'd naturally avoid them anyway).

The issue is that while their own ability is unreliable, they make two important things reliable:

(1) Natazga's ability
(2) Natazga's early game draw (to a unit that makes her ability reliable)

She wants to choke off summon points and threaten the life of walls as fast as she can, without burning through a ton of early cards.

She's one of the worst summoners in a slow-developing game.

So, 3-4 Savagers plus Prong, Glurp, Glarg, Turt and the like make it extremely unlikely that they'll all be bottom-decked, and then when one appears it'll give her 20/27 to spawn a vine (or 8/9 for Glurp), instead of praying for a bunch of early 4/9 rolls.

People will of course mention Erosion to make Nat's ability reliable, but the huge reason for throwing three dice at walls is that your Erosion cards can be saved for coup de grace turns where you either completely cut off remaining summoning spots or annihilate multiple walls. In other words, you can either deckbuild to use Erosion as a patch for an unreliable summoner ability, or build to use it as one of the few greatest events in the game.

We always talk about how huge the difference is in SW between 1av and 2av. Natazga's ability and ideal playstyle change the crucial gap, to that between 2av-3av.

EDIT: I ought to mention also that I hate Skull Takers, who have a terrible ability if not timed correctly with both their event and a champ. I hate depending upon the shuffle in Nat even more than with the average summoner. Swamp Rats are pretty good for choking off remaining summoning spots after an enemy is killed next to a wall, and Conjurers are great in her endgame (funny to use them on a doomed wall to remove one of the blocking vines, then put it right back). I think a lot of commons are fine in Nat under different circumstances -- the only one I'll probably never play is Boarboon. (Save 1 magic for a Savager with no ability at all and a valuable 3av that expires after a turn? Nope. Boons are Rallul troops.)
I do agree on this! My experience with her is very limited but my deckbuild was build on the same assumptions.

@boarboons they work very well for me in Mugglugg as a high thread commons (4 in draw). They fill the "move in and deal damage, then often get killed spot" that can be easily combo with Ensanre and/or ambush to deal massive damage. Before that I used savager and they nearly always died anyway (it's kind of a suicide mission move). The boarboon having 1 less cost often means you can even do this 2x and still get out your 5+5+6 champs. Sometimes they survive but than your opponent is struggling hard anyway. Also common hate or stuff like "illusionary warrior or mind control" is not AS fatal for you.