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Thread: Requesting Vs Handing off

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    Default Requesting Vs Handing off

    So in requesting you may hand off 1 or more items correct?

    Handing off you have to be at the shared location and you have to have the card equipped to the survivor that is sharing that location with the other person where you can unequip and equip it to them.

    But can you Request Equipment cards? It seems silly to avoid the handing off mechanic and give people guns half way across the board.

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    Just for your info. You're right. Hand off is same location, Requesting is all over the board.

    I also dislike that rule a lot: It's the one rule in all of Dead of Winter rules I don't like. I think both card swaps to another play should have been between Survivors at the same location, and can only be used at that location...
    However (we tried that a few matches) it makes the game a lot more difficult... If your in dire need of that Medicine card, and someone or you has to move again to help you out its a much greater risk. So we just deal with it, and request everywhere, but yep... I still don't like that rule.
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    these same things could also be argued about the fact that a "searched" card goes into your hand, and can then be equipped to any of your survivors, not just those at that location, but the game is set up with that abstract time element where each round is about a week of time, so "requesting" could easily be done in that time base.

    also remember that, in both cases (request & hand off) the item must be played/used/equipped immediately.
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