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    Default Nooby questions

    So I played my first game last night, LOVEDDDDD it.. But I have a few questions

    1) Can you play an alteration spell on an opponent's unit?
    2) Can you take your minor action before your major action?
    3) When deck building do you have to take 5 of a type of dice? Or can I take say 4 of one and 6 of another?

    Thanks for any help

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    1) Yes
    2) Yes
    3) You can take any number of each dice type as long as you don't go over 10 dice in total.

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    1) Yes. You may play alterations, like Reflections on the Water, to an opponents units.
    2) Yes. You may use your side action before your main action.
    3) You can pick dice in whatever configuration you want when building decks, including using all four dice types of just one dice type, or nine of one and one other die. It's entirely open (add long as you pick ten dice).

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