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Thread: Which Starting Abilities are the best per character?!

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    Default Which Starting Abilities are the best per character?!

    Hey folks! I am new to M&M and I have some other newbies joining me and I was curious as to which party builds (per chapter) do ya'll recommend?

    Also which starting abilities are best for all mice at level one?

    I don't want it to be easy but I also don't want to discourage further playing with my friends because we didn't "set up/pick" our characters correctly.


    Hottytoddles :-)

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    I don't really think it matters which starting ability is picked and would let people just pick what sounds interesting to them.

    With that said, I like:

    Collin: Give Order
    Tilda: Major Heal (and I usually try to get Cure quickly after)
    Maginos: Mystic Bolt or Chain Lightning
    Nez: Set Trap or Battlesqueak
    Filch: Dodge or Energy Rush
    Lily: Preemptive Strike
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    Thanks Professor P! I am kinda new to navigating forums and forgot I posted this hence the 5 month late response. As it turns out I too picked most of those same abilities starting off! Playing it as a campaign now and am kinda stuck on Chapter 4 :-/ What is the deal with the King's Tunnels seems like Collin's group faces quick capture due to the lack of spaces touching the water with the current and with no fishhook and thread it seems like capture is certain :-/ am I wrong?!?!?!

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    I would love an update for HoG's Nere, and Downwood's Ansel, Ditty, Jakobe!

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