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Thread: Rookie pilots, expansions and average game size

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    Default Rookie pilots, expansions and average game size

    My little gaming group had a few questions about the game we're all super curious on.
    1, what are people doing for the rookie pilots?
    2, with rookie pilots existing by card, are we going to get models for them? Or any kind of blister expansion set up? (Xwing style) i feel like there's a lot of room for growth and with unique as this game plays it'd be a shame to leave it as a standalone. Models, pilots, action cards, trees, creatures etc all seem easy enough to add.
    3, when building crews, what point value is everyone else finding to be optimal?

    Thank you!

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    Great points.

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    Yes, this is a game that really would be great with expansions.

    In terms of point values I like 60 to 70 typically.


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