One element we lack in the Tail Feathers section is a battle reports section. I see value in battle reports because it is an easy way to share your stories and strategies simultaneously. As a result I have put a battle report template below that can be used in conjunction with Tail Feathers. If you see any changes or a better way to set up the report template feel free to comment. Otherwise I would like to see some people play a couple games and try it out. Ill try to put a flushed out example up by the end of the week. I have colored the sections in this psot to better break up the template. Normally I would use plain text for everything.

Tail Feathers Quick Flight Reports

(Insert Player Name/Faction/Army Build VS Insert Player Name/Faction/Army Build)
Jeff:Vermin Radiers: Wrunk + Ace Snag, 2x Snags Commandos
Charlie: Downwood Militia: Aerijin + Ace Zure, Collin, Filch

Insert Scenario Type and Nest Life
EXAMPLE: Kill em All W/ 10 Life Nests

Insert Round #: Insert who won the first player nut
In this section you write out a few sentences about each player's actions and the outcomes of any battles.

Round 1: Charlie
Charlie took off straight towards Jeff's nest, and launched two leaves with commandos. Jeff sent Zure towards the left side of the battlefield and sieged Collin/Filch onto Charlie's tree.

Round 2: Charlie
Charlie used Snag to initiate a death spiral and killed Zure with the remaining floating commandos. Jeff used Collin and Filch to light Charlies nest on Fire and kill the commandos on the home tree.

Round 3: Jeff
Jeff used Collin and Filch to destroy Charlies nest, but not until Snag laned 3 damage with a swoop attack on Jeff's Nest.

**Jeff Wins**