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Thread: Extra ground units

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carmen View Post
    A lot of people want the original set of M&M minis to be released separately.
    I'd also like to see the ground units from Tail Feathers be released as separate sets.

    I understand extras can't really be used in TF as it has enough to play already, but the rats would work great as elite rats in M&M, and it would be nice to have some Oakguard ally figures that I could devote to M&M. But mostly, I just want to paint some more mice!
    I would buy a smaller set that included 3 rats and 3 Oakguard for $20-$25.
    (I'm still contemplating simply buying a second box of TF, but I have limited space, and those birds are somewhat difficult to store -- but fun to paint.)

    My ground forces here to back me up
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    Agreed and that would be great.

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    I would just like to say, I love my second set of TF. Storage maybe cumbersome to figure out, M&M and TF do own a shelf in my house, but that additional set opens up a lot of army and board variations. Only 1 figure and a hand full of cards out of the second box are unnecessary, even the distance ruler, templates and tokens are useful.

    This game is amazing, with even just a little expansion, like adding in another set of M&M or TF, it gets so much better. I really hope that TF gets some new content, but I'd be happy to see these current options made more easily available. I'd even go so far as to suggest individually sold bird/pilot combos, even if it's just the ones that are already out.

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    For us the unknown aspect is a lot of fun in army building. You can say that it does not matter because the tail feathers is a faction fighting game, but imagine how much more you may have to consider not know if you're up against rats or mice.
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