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Thread: Redirect + Consume Question

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    Question Redirect + Consume Question

    This came up in a game the other night, did a quick search and didn't see the answer, nor is the FAQ conclusive on the matter.

    Q. If my Phoenixborn would be dealt damage and I cast Redirect to instead deal that damage to a unit I control that would be destroyed, would the damage be considered to originate from my opponent or from myself for the purposes of Silver Snake's Consume ability?

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    It will be considered as if Consume does not trigger. The card the damage originates from is Redirect and as such does not qualify for Consume.
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    Reposted from Bob's ruling on the Facebook group:
    Redirect does not cause the damage, the damage is from the original source. Also Redirect did not destroy the unit, the damage from the original source destroyed the unit. So if you redirect damage from a spell or attack that your opponent controls and that damage would destroy a unit you control, any silver snake your opponent to controls would consume that creature.

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