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In the first scenario, Aftershock and Pain Link trigger at T1. The attacker will resolve Aftershock first. Since Aftershock places wounds, it starts at T2 and Pain Link cannot respond to it. Since the Living Doll isn't destroyed, it resolves Pain Link before wounds are placed on it.
Thanks, this makes a lot of sense.

I feel like in the FAQ this bit could also be changed to clarify that the scenario is that one wound token would destroy the living doll, without considering any damage done by the actual attack that the Hammer Knight is making. (because wounds from damage are not placed before damage resolution effects resolve).

Q:When I attack a Living Doll with my Hammer Knight
and I choose to place a wound token on that Living
Doll with the Hammer Knight’s Aftershock 1 ability,
and that wound token would destroy it, can my
opponent trigger the Living Doll’s Pain Link ability
to deal damage from the damage it was dealt by the
Hammer Knight’s attack?
No. Both the Aftershock 1 and Pain Link abilities could
trigger from the damage the Hammer Knight deals
during this combat. As the first player you may choose
to trigger and resolve the Hammer Knights Aftershock
1 ability first, starting an entirely new damage and
destruction resolution process for the Living Doll.
The Living Doll would follow this process all the way
through until it is discarded, and since it is no longer in
play, your opponent can no longer trigger and resolve
the Living Dolls Pain Link ability.
I know this interaction has been beaten to death on this forum but a lot of FAQ readers won't read the forums.. You might say it's obvious because of the 4 attack / 3 life difference but what if the Living Doll is Undying Hearted or something. I could see someone reading this FAQ answer and getting the answer wrong.