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    Default Fallen Tundra

    Hey guys, this faction started out as a different pairing, but once the Deathsearch mechanism was developed I had to place it in the Fallen Tundra, a luck based discard mechanic? Had to happen. I have 0 clue how this deck would function, really. Also, for more info on my Alliance project, please go here.

    - Some Abilities and Events require you to preform a Deathsearch, this means to shuffle your Discard Pile facedown and reveal the top card and follow the Deathsearching card's text to determine what to do with that card. Then return the Discard Pile to its rightful location, face up.

    2 Ranged - 6 Health
    - Before you attack with Gricknakk, you may Deathsearch, if the revealed card is a common unit, add the units attack value to Gricknakk's until the end of the turn. If not, place one wound marker on this card.

    Soul Strengthen (x4)
    - Deathsearch, if the revealed card is a Common Unit, Summon it at no cost. Otherwise, add one to the attack of a Common Unit you control until the end of your turn.

    Whenever this Event is revealed during a Deathsearch, you may reveal 2 other cards from the top of the discard pile. Once complete, choose one of the revealed cards to be the Deathsearched card and return the others to the discard pile.

    Twist of Fate (x3)
    - Do not play this Event during your Event Phase. Instead, after you Deathsearch, you may play this event card to reshuffle your Discard Pile and Deathsearch again.

    Different Gravesite (x2)
    - Do not play this Event during your Event Phase. Instead, before you Deathsearch, you may play this Card to Deathsearch a different Discard pile.

    3 Melee - 3 Health - 3 Cost
    - After Raktar is destroyed and would be placed in a Magic Pile, instead shuffle him into your opponent's Draw Pile.

    3 Melee - 4 Health - 3 Cost
    - After summoning this Unit, Deathsearch. If the Deathsearched card is a Common Unit, discard Loqua. If Loqua is ever Deathsearched, place her adjacent to a wall you control.

    2 Melee - 2 Health - 3 Cost
    - After Summoning Kreok, Deathsearch. If the Deathsearched card is a Common Unit, place it over this Unit. Add the Attack Value and Life of Kreok to the card on top of Kreok's Attack and Life. That unit also becomes a Champion.

    Ice Acolyte
    1 Ranged - 1 Health - 2 Cost
    - After Summoning this Unit, Deathsearch. If the Deathsearched card is an Event Card, place it into your hand, otherwise, place the Deathsearched card into your magic pile.

    Tundra Cultist
    2 Melee - 2 Health - 2 Cost
    - After Summoning this Unit, Deathsearch. If the Deathsearched card has the word "Cultist" in its name, Summon it at no cost adjacent to this Tundra Cultist.

    Frost Ghost
    3 Melee - 1 Health - 1 Cost
    - Subtract one from this Unit's Attack Value until the end of this turn if it was summoned during this turn's Summoning phase. After attacking with this Unit, your opponent may place this Unit in any empty space.

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