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    Default First play thoughts

    I had the opportunity to play this with Joe yesterday after our Ashes demo and tournament in Columbus. (Thanks again for coming down Joe)

    This was a bit of a learning game for both of us so I am sure we forgot a few steps, but it was still a very fun time. We had a few other friends with us so we tagged out for a few turns to try and give as many people a chance to play as possible.

    First off Death Spirals are terrifying! I had the rat team so I was down a bird to start. The first roll was a tie so that second roll was so stressful!

    I really like the flight path system. I did have a few turns where I estimated poorly and ended up not being quite where I wanted to be, but with some more plays I think I will be able to call out the right long/short combinations to become a little more accurate. It never totally ruined me, just threw me off enough that I had to revise my plan a little. All of that felt very thematic though. I was a mouse trying to steer a bird after all.

    The mission mechanic adds a lot too. At one point all of my birds were dead, so I of course ran a Rescue mission. Joe ran an Intercept. I had this very thematic sequence run through my head of Staborah and a rat Commando running towards a downed Grizzard while fighting off some pesky mice.

    Joe ended up landing the final blow on my nest as I was trying to use a siege to get some rats over to his tree. I made some poor tactical decisions a few turns earlier, so learned a few lessons for next time. I had a great time and am seriously considering a second set so that we can play 2v2 matches at our local store.

    A big thanks to Joe for making the trek down to Columbus and a huge thanks to Jerry and Kam for another home run entry to the Mice and Mystics world.

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    This is so great to hear. Thank you.

    One thing I am very proud of is the flight system and how it allows players to grow in their flying skill. It feels pretty good when you get good enough to accurately predict where your bird will end up after you commit to the flight path. I'm glad you experienced that first hand and wrote about it.
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    Knucklehead: Yeah, it is cool seeing how people get a feel for how the mechanics work and allow you these different tactical options. Jerry built a pretty cool system there.


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