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Thread: How many Sleeves for Summoner Wars!?

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    Default How many Sleeves for Summoner Wars!?

    Since playtesting for 2nd Summoners has ramped up once again, and because black friday shall soon be upon us, I decided that I'd like to purchase enough sleeves to sleeve all the cards in the foreseeable future of summoner wars,

    So I have a handful of questions,

    If I had a Summoner Wars collection of 1 of each product (Including Promos), how many cards would I have to sleeve? How many cards of those are double sided (like setup cards) and would be difficult to manage in the "Official Summoner Wars Sleeve"? (I guess vine walls may fall into this category too?)

    I've got a rough estimate, but I'm wondering if anybody has gone through and done the math prior to me.

    Each Summoner Comes with about 35 Cards. (+Vine Walls, conjuration piles, and auxiliary rules cards.)
    8 Reinforcement packs comes with about 35 Cards each
    This trend is more or less continued into the larger boxes being alliances and the master set.
    We have 16 Factions, each of which will have 2 Summoners (Eventually).
    And then we have 8 Alliance factions, each of which have about 35 Per Alliance Summoner. (+Vine Walls, conjuration piles, and misc rules cards.)
    and then we have 4 Promos.

    So By those accounts we have 1684 cards cards before we get into Vine Walls, conjuration piles, and auxiliary rules cards.

    So as for the extra cards:

    We have 2 decks with 15 vine walls each, and will be getting one more.(+45)
    Each Merc summoner (and swamp merc summoner I'd presume,) has a deckbuilding explanation card.(+3)
    Nakuya Na has a poison rules card (+1)
    Queen Maldara has 6 Pheonix conjurations and 1 conjuration rules card. (+7)
    Endrich has 3 gorgon and a conjuration rules card. (+4)
    The Warden has a Prison Pile rules card. (+1)
    Edit: I forgot that immortal ellien has 6 Harbingers and a rules card so that will be another +7 taken out of our wiggle room. (mentioned at the end.)

    Which brings us to a grand total of 1705 cards with an extra 40 Double Sided Summoner Setup Cards

    I seem to recall there being more, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. I seem to think The Demagogue had a rules card, but it isn't reflected on his summoner page.

    And big variable here is the conjurations and additional rule cards we may see in the remaining 2nd Summoners. (Could we get a rough estimate Frank? Colby? somebody?)

    So... Let's crunch some numbers. So for the clear sleeves, I prefer Mayday European sized Premium sleeves. They are a great balance of affordability and reliability.If you want to sleeve the whole shabang, you will need a whopping 35 Packages of these which as $2.50 MSRP will run you $87.50 USD + any applicable tax and shipping. Though from my experience in purchasing many of these sleeves there is on average about 1 bad sleeve in a bundle. for an approximately 2% flaw rate, so we're going assume that we'll get about 35 Duds in our package of 1750 Card sleeves. That will not do at all, so We're going to add another card pack to put us on an even 36 sleeve packs for $90 USD. Statistically speaking, this will give us another 14 Sleeves of wiggle room for unannounced conjurations and rules text cards. That sounds really pricey, though Mayday games' website is known to have a pretty awesome black friday sale each year.

    If you would only 1 Package of these will be fine if you just want to sleeve your 40 total double sided summoner reference cards reference cards.
    If you wanted to sleeve the remaining part of the collection in the official plaid hat games summoner wars sleeve, that will be a different story. Let's do the number shall we?
    So We're now sleeving our remaining 1705 cards in the previously mentioned sleeve. These sleeves are great, and in all of the ones I have used in the past, I haven't found a single sleeve with a manufacturing flaw. Good for you PHG! Perfect record! So we now have the total at 43 Sleeve Packages of 40 needed with 15 extra leftover for unannounced conjuration/rules cards. At the current MSRP of 4.95 each that gives us a whopping total of $212.85 USD for the official sleeves + the 2.50 for a single set of mayday premium euro sleeves, totaling out at 215.35 + tax & Shipping and Handling for this sleeving method. (Though PHG had a pretty neat black friday sale as well, and I'd imagine they will have a pretty good one this year as well.) The best thing about these cards is that all the summoner wars cards fit like a glove in them , with no wiggle room whatsoever. Summoner wars has a slightly wonky card size so plaid hat's custom sleeves really do the trick here where other sleeve manufaturers' next closest thing doesn't quite cut it.

    So yeah, I guess that's pretty much it. I'm sure I have a mistake in there somewhere, so If somebody would like to point it out, that would be awesome. Also, It would be awesome we can get a confirmation from someone in the know for the approximate amount of additional cards that will need sleeving.
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    Not sure how you got your numbers but this is what I got.

    Faction Decks:

    70 Starter Set 1
    - 35 PE1
    - 35 TO1
    70 Starter Set 2
    - 35 GD1
    - 35 CG1
    35 FK1
    35 VG1
    35 JE1
    35 CL1
    225 Master Set
    - 35 BD1
    - 35 MV1
    - 35 SE1
    - 35 SG1
    - 50 SO1 (+15)
    - 35 DD1
    36 FL1 (+1)
    36 MR1 (+1)
    42 PE2 (+7)
    51 TO2 (+16)
    36 GD2 (+1)
    35 CG2
    35 FK2
    35 VG2
    36 JE2 (+1)
    35 CL2
    315 Alliances Master Set
    - 38 CF (+3)
    - 40 DB (+5)
    - 43 FP (+8)
    - 36 SC (+1)
    - 51 SM (+16)
    - 37 TG (+2)
    - 35 JS
    - 35 VV
    35 BD2
    35 MV2
    35 SE2
    36 SG2 (+1)
    50 SO2 (+15)
    36 DD2 (+1)
    36 FL2 (+1)
    37 MR2 (+2)

    Reinforcement Packs:
    32 GC
    32 RP
    32 PM
    32 TS
    32 BR
    31 SP (FL-1)
    35 HS (JE+3)
    35 GB (FK+3)

    1 Khan Queso
    1 Khexhu
    1 Sairook
    1 Bodgan


    1762 Including New 2nd Summoners
    1462 Currently Released (Before new 2nd Summoners)
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    Is it weird that I both go: "$200... compared to Magic: The Gathering that's kinda cheap." and "Holy shit, I can't throw that at little plastic sleeves."
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