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    The following is a community built and suggested format/template to be used for Tail Feathers tournaments. Feel free to post questions or concerns as this format is still in its infant stages and constantly being updated. The template below can be used to structure your own local event.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________

    What: [Insert Event Name]
    When:[Insert Date/Time]
    Where: [Insert Location W/ Linked Venue Website/Map]

    Format Details: Swiss Style Format. [Insert entry fee if any]. [Insert prize pool if any]. [Insert alternate information if any].

    Army Details: Each player is to bring one 60-point army, Mice and Mystic units allowed. Players may not mix Downwood Militia and Vermin Raiders in their draft. Each player is to bring one set of nine action cards, with no duplicates of a single card. Please bring personal markers, at least ten tailfeather tokens, and a measuring stick.

    Match Details: Nests will start at 10 life. All advanced rules apply. Time limit is 60 minutes per match. Matches are to be played on Plaid Hat Official Tail Feathers Game Mats.
    If neither player has won and nests are at the same life value individual active unit cost will be used to determine the winner. If points are even then the match will be considered a tie.
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