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Thread: Official Balanced Card Reprints?

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    Default Official Balanced Card Reprints?

    Patching allows video games to be balanced post-release (often many, many times). Board Games generally require new editions to fix things.

    Summoner Wars is remarkably balanced considering the scope of the game but there are certainly some units that need tweaking.

    Has there ever been any serious discussion on Plaid Hat simply reprinting cards and making those available for purchase as a sort of patch? If fan-art summoners are purchasable, than why not a full deck with a reprint of all champions that require tweaking to make them more balanced/fair?

    Otherwise, has there been any talk of Plaid Hat creating an official "patch" that lists new stats for existing cards that could be simply implemented during play?

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    It's been discussed ad nauseum. So much that I get an upset stomach everytime I see a new post on it (no offense).

    I wouldn't hold your breath. But then again, I'm probably the only person around that doesnt think it's necessary.
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    waterd avan variant is the closest thing we got. its been evolving and I would say its prety solid now. if card reprints happen ill eat my plaid hat
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    There are few enough cards that, for any given tournament or such, you could easily give a list of changes to certain key cards.

    I like making Bolvi 50% immune to all CUEs, for example, so he can embrace the natural restriction of building a wall of towers without being further cheesed.

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