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Thread: Missing 2 cards?

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    Default Missing 2 cards?

    I just open the box and finished making all the pre-built decks...did a complete card count and sadly I seem to be missing 2 cards right out of the box: the ANCHORNAUT and FINAL CRY which are needed to complete 2 of my I the only one who is missing cards here? And if so how do I go about getting those two cards. I Ordered from another site than PlaidHatGames so not sure what they can do for me.

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    Did you quadruple check that a card may not be stuck to another one. Browsing forums and what not indicated to me that it happened quite a bit. On another note, I was missing a card and let Plaid Hat know privately and they sent me a new one.

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    Yeah, check if they're stuck together, if not, e-mail [email protected]
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