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Dimona Odinstar
Jason Pere

“Kill them all! I say we shall kill them all!” Dimona Odinstar shouted to from the top of her balcony. Her bold proclamation was greeted with cheers and applause form the host of gold and silver clad Rayward Knights gathered in the courtyard below. Dimona let the roar of the crowd fade before she continued. “The Phoenix Born, Hah! They were hailed as saviors. They were the ones who gathered all the glory to be had from the defeat of the Chimera. I say to you that our people we deceived by those sinister false profits. The Phoenix Born are liars and we shall see every last one of them burned to nothing more than ashes and bones!”

The crowd erupted again in support of their leader. Dimona waved a hand and was able to reestablish a relative silence form her assembly of fighting men. “It is us the men and women of this good land that are it true heroes. Ours it the sacrifice that matters not these usurpers. Together we shall see them wiped clean from this world and a proper order of mortals is upheld,” Dimona continued. She looked over the vast array of armored warriors below and felt the call of battle deep in her blood. None of them knew that she was precisely the kind of monster she denounced, Dimona was excellent at concealing her true breed.

“We shall begin our march upon the breaking on the next dawn. For tonight find yourself revelry in the company of your brothers-in-arms. Drink well, feast well and Sleep well. On the campaign we are about to embark on the chances to celebrate may be precious few so make this night one to remember,” Dimona Odinstar raised a gauntleted fist as she spoke. “Warm yourselves toning for tomorrow we begin a long and arduous journey into the frozen north. My knights, my friends, we shall have victory and we shall take back this land, our land for those of proper birth.”

Dimona exited the balcony amidst a deafening chorus of cheers and fanfare. She withdrew into the confines of her study where she began to doff her armor. She had spent the better part of the morning seeing herself clad in the finely polished platemail only to wear it for the length of her address to her Rayward Knights. She felt great comfort when the weight of the armor was lifted from her shoulders. Dimona’s platemail was expertly crafted and comparable to pieces that were produced from the forges of the Rustwatch Iron Lord himself but still the armor was a burden to wear. Dimona changed into far more comfortable and much less cumbersome robes of scarlet colored velvet. She let her long flowing golden hair down. In a matter of moments Dimona had transformed her visage from fearsome warrior queen to refined and delicate lady of standing.

Dimona went to her chair at her war table and poured herself a fragrant glass of red wine from a half empty bottle that sat next to a hand full of maps and charts. She began to sift thru the maps that were scattered on the enormous hand carved wooden table. Dimona sipped her wine slowly and savored the bitter taste while she reviewed her strategy. She would lead her men north to start. There was hardly anyone in the frozen mountain wastes so word of her offensive would likely not begin to spread until after she and her Rayward Kights finished their business in the snow and ice.

She had to admit that there were other viable tactical approaches for the greater extermination of the Phoenix Born but she could feel the calling in her blood. That urge that gripped her was the main reason that she had commanded the march north to start her war against the other Phoenix Born. Dimona knew that her enemy would be waiting for her in the chilling northern snow swept mountains. She had been having dreams of the other Phoenix Born at fist. The dreams had then become fantasies that took her in the waking hours when her mind lost focus on the present. Now the visons of the other Phoenix Born bordered on hallucinations. Dimona knew that if she wanted to stop the bombardment of images that assailed her she would have to slay the man that she saw in her mind’s eye.

Dimona was skilled at hiding the power in her blood from her followers but the waking dreams that plagued her were making it increasingly difficult to keep up her charade. She was not about to let her Rayward Knights catch onto the fact that she was also a Phoenix Born. It was a dangerous game that she was playing but she knew it but the prize was worth the danger. The Rayward Knights were arguably the greatest fighting force in all the realm but they were forsworn to see the world ruled by those of mortal blood. They were natural enemies of the Phoenix Born. Dimona would use the Rayward Knights as her own personal executioners to hunt down and kill all others that shared her lineage. When all the other Phoenix Born had been slain Dimona would no longer have to keep up appearances. When she was the last of her kind her power would be far too great for any man, or even an army of men to overcome.

Dimona would lay claim to untold power and all the world would shake before her with fear and deference. There would be nobody that could stand against her. Just a few more men and women needed to die and then Dimona Odinstar would possess a strength that had not been seen since the days of the Chimera. For now the Phoenix Born’s eyes grew heavy and her body weary. She made herself scour over the maps, plotting the precise course that her army would march on. When she was confident that she had selected the best possible route to the mountains Dimona snuffed out the candle light that she had been reading by and slipped into her bed. She let sleep finally come to her. She knew that his face would fill her dreams that night, the face of her enemy. Dimona took solace in the fact that soon she would kill him and then it would be a new face that filled her dreams and a new enemy to hunt.