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Thread: Lily's Flight to Barksburg

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    Default Lily's Flight to Barksburg

    I'll post this here because not everyone is on Twitter and this forum seems appropriate.

    Dara Teaches How to Play is a recurring series of videos in which Dara (a three year old) explains how to play board games to the best of her abilities. For the past few months, we've been working on a Mice and Mystics special.In this interactive movie/game, you adventure through an alternate version of Chapter 1 of Mice and Mystics, in which Lily is escaping from the castle and attempting to meet her friends. You can play along with the dice from Mice and Mystics, regular d6s, or just pretend that you rolled the dice.

    Dara's costume was originally used for Plaid Hat's 2015 Cosplay Contest, so we figured we'd get one more use out of it, before she outgrew it for good. The video also features some special cameos along the way.

    You can see more of Dara's work on BGG at or follow her on twitter @DaraTeaches


    --Jeffrey (and Dara)

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    This is sooo adorable!
    Always the Mice Guy!

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