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    Question equipment card

    So I just had my first game with my brother but we wasn't clear on wether an agent is able to use an equipment card during the hunters turn . for example what happened was that when it was my turn as the Hunter , I moved and I found him in my line of sight and just when I was about to attack he said he was going to use the flash grenade so he denied me of my attack . was that correct or did we play it wrong ??

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    Equipment cards only on the agents turn. Before or after movement, but only on the agents turn, never on the hunters turn. I believe you played it incorrectly.

    Flash bang (and smoke grenade) are great for sneaking past a hunter who would have seen your last seen token, making an escape after you have been spotted, or as a misdirection (he threw the grenade in this road, so he must have crossed this road). But they are not for actually preventing attacks that could be made on you.

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