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Thread: Home draft competition - winning deck

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    Default Home draft competition - winning deck

    Hey guys! I just had a draft at my house last night with 5 players and i thought that i would post the deck that swept the whole thing.


    Ready spells

    -Shifting mist
    -Summon iron rhino
    -Summon blue jaguar
    -Summon gilder

    Action spells

    -Molten gold
    -Out of the mist
    -Sleight of hand
    -Hidden power


    -Fade away


    -Hammer knight

    Dice makeup

    4 x nature
    4 x illusion
    1 x ceremonial
    1 x charm

    Thanks for reading and post up any draft winning decklists you've watched steamroll!

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    Very Nice. I am hoping to have some draft games myself soon, any chance I could borrow some of your friends? I will pay for shipping...

    I am curious as to how you dealt with 5 player draft, as I think I have 4 + me for a possible upcoming draft.
    Did you use cards from only 1 box set? (easy enough, plenty of unique cards for a 5 player draft) Did you limit PB to only from 1 box set, or perhaps some duplicates were allowed?
    What dice pool did you draft from? I was thinking for a 5 player draft to use 13 of each dice type, as I still want the dice to feel "rare" and not have too much abundance for dice. Want there to still be some competition/limited resource for dice.

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