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    Here we go guys and gals, after a lot of brainstorming I finally have a relay race scenario for all of my fellow Tail Feathers players! I have listed the basic rule set first, followed by a series of photos to show off how to set up and handle various situations as you race! If you have any questions or want to contribute to the idea feel free to do so!

    Scenario Name: Relay for Resources
    Scenario Story: In a desperate attempt to end the battles in the northern reaches of the woods the Downwood Militia sent a siege party out to try and burn down the nest of the wicked black birds that had made winter preparations so difficult. Zure was sure that if the Vermin Raiders lost their nest they would leave. What none of the mice in the war room had expected though was that as the Oakguard snuck into the dark and twisted tree that night, a storm was brewing under the cover of darkness as well. The mice had infiltrated without much problem, lit the nest, and scurried off. The smell of burnt wood and waste begin to fill the forest air, along with screams and orders coming from the frantic rats that were stationed there. That's when the storm released its first crack of lighting and the winds quickly climbed to full speed, carrying sparks from the fire into the rest of the forest. Before long the entire forest was dancing in flames, nothing and nobody was safe. Zure ordered the other mice to begin evacuating as him and the other riders mounted their trusty birds. There was no hope for saving the forest now but the least they could do was collect the food and twigs that they had been fighting so hard to gather in days past. Apparently Snag had the same idea, because as the mice took off he saw those blasted black birds in the distance ... flying right towards the bushes as well. That's when Zure knew this night would be a battle of speed rather than strength.

    Starting Setup:
    Number of Players - 2 to 5
    Nest Points - 0
    Victory Condition - Be the first player to collect the majority share of berries and twigs, and return them to the starting nest.
    Special Mission - None

    Scenario Setup:
    Each player picks a single bird and pilot. If only two players are playing each player may then pick one additional bird and pilot. Players may pick any bird and pilot combination, there is no point limit in this scenario. Action cards are not used in this scenario.

    Scenario Special Rules:
    Combat - Players cannot attack, swoop attack, or defend in this scenario.
    Tilting - PLayers may tilt their birds normally before moving on their turn, they may make a piloting check after tilting and before moving as well.
    Death Spirals - If during a player's turn a death spiral would initiate, resolve that death spiral normally. However if the result is a tie, the death spiral still ends and the birds are returned to their flying positions as they would normally be.
    Burning Leaves - If a bird's flight path crosses, ends with a burning leaf or a burning leaf drifts into a bird return that leaf to its starting branch. Add 1 wound to that bird/pilot.
    - If a burning leaf drifts across a berry token, place it under that token. That leaf is considered to still be drifting. If it ends its rotation under the token, the leaf remains and is still considered to be drifting.
    - If a burning leaf touches a branch return it to its starting branch.
    - If a burning leaf touches a tail feather token, remove that token from play. After each player has taken a turn, flip and remove tail feather tokens as you would at the end of a normal round, before drifting the leafs.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________
    The basic idea of the relay race is that each player is racing their bird to collect the majority share of resources on the battlefield (i.e 4 of 7 for two players, 3 of 7 for three players, etc.) Once a player has collected a resource they must return to the starting nest to score that point. If their bird/pilot is destroyed while carrying a resource, that resource is placed where that unit was before it was destroyed. The first player to score the majority points wins. If only two players are playing then they may each pick an additional bird to start on the opposing trees trunk. Once the bird in flight touches that tree overlay with its base, you may exchange that unit with your other unit. Remove all wounds and status markers from the bird that just landed. If a bird is destroyed it must begin its next turn from the starting nest. To begin the race players roll off two dice each and score the numbers, highest number goes first. The first player places their unit inside the starting nest, at center tilt, and may take a normal movement. Then each player continues to do this until all players have taken their first turn. Once that is done flip the leaves from green to orange and drift them each one rotation. Orange indicates that the leaf is on fire. When a leaf is placed back on its branch, place it orange side up. There is no normal rounds, instead players continue to rotate taking turns. After every player has taken a turn, which will be dubbed a round always drift the leaves one rotation, as you would at the end of a normal round.

    The Battlefield

    Starting set up for two players (for 3 or more each player launches their birds one at a time, as described above)

    Tagging the tree to swap birds

    The leafs flipped, to show that they are now on fire! (They dont start on fire, to aid with the balance of starting the race. You could just start them on the orange side but remember they are not flaming leaves until after everyone's first turn)

    Some examples of where the flaming leaves may end up.
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    This looks Amazing! Well done; I can't believe Tail Feathers doesn't get more love (I feel like the buzz around it is dead). You definitely put a lot of thought into this, and I can't wait to try it out! Also, any luck on those tournament rules-recap you posted a few months ago :P

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    Sadly no, I have had no luck in even getting any interest in a tourney. Let alone another player who has a copy, to play. The buzz is indeed dead around this game, which is sad.

    Quote Originally Posted by throwing8smokes View Post
    This looks Amazing! Well done; I can't believe Tail Feathers doesn't get more love (I feel like the buzz around it is dead). You definitely put a lot of thought into this, and I can't wait to try it out! Also, any luck on those tournament rules-recap you posted a few months ago :P

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