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Thread: Frostbite: Healing Order

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    Question Frostbite: Healing Order


    I made an account just to get this verified. I searched for it, but haven't found my answer anywhere.

    Does healing need to be done in the order that it was applied in?
    i.e. Turn 1. Got frostbite.
    Turn 2. Got wound from frostbite. Find medicine and use medicine on myself. Heal wound.
    Turn 3. Receive new wound. Find 2 medicines. Finally heal wound & frostbite.

    The group has come to the understanding that wounds had to be healed chronologically (most recent first), but that means if you wait a turn after receiving frostbite it costs 2 medicine to fully heal yourself. It's worked so far, but playing in Hardcore or the more difficult missions it had become more and more difficult to win since there was so much medicine consumed and we had a few medicine crises.

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

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    No, you can heal any wound you want. There isn't even a method within the game for tracking wound order, anyway.
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I know that there isn't any way to track when wounds happen, but it's pretty easy to remember. I'll speak with my gaming group and see how they want to proceed. Thematically, I think it makes sense so we might keep it and just make our games slightly harder.

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