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    Default Coal deck - no idea really

    So I haven't made a deck for Coal yet. This is a very feeble attempt.

    1x Charm
    2x Natural
    3x Illusion
    4x Ceremonial

    Ready Spells:
    Abundance x3*
    Expand Energy x3*
    Shifting Mist x1*
    Summon Gilder x2*
    Small Sacrifice x3

    Anchornaut x3
    Leech Warrior x3
    Iron Worker x3

    Action Spells
    Sleight of Hand x3*
    One Hundred Blades x3
    Hidden Power x3

    Looking back at this deck it just doesn't seem like enough, but I don't know. The idea is to draw a bunch of cards and slash the crap out of things, but I'm not really sure this would work. Gilders + Iron Workers seems good for ridiculous slashing. I was tempted to pack Out of the Mist for good damage, side action use and card draw, but I'm not sure I'll consistently have enough guys down without Mist Spirits, which might be an option over Gilders anyway.
    There's also Ceremonial + Anchornaut in here, and the deck is supposed to be very cheap on dice but give you a lot, so killing some of their dice with Illusion and Small Sac + Leech while forcing them to draw with Abundance is part of it, too. I wanted Violinests and Molten Gold in here, too but i just couldnt fit them. Maybe I just have too many plans going at once....

    Any ideas here? I feel like I'm grasping at straws.
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