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Thread: Custom Jessa Na Ni Deck "Blood Sacrifices"

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    Default Custom Jessa Na Ni Deck "Blood Sacrifices"

    So, after playing with the prebuilt Jessa deck, I felt the deck had too many different things going on and was also way to expensive, especially when playing against someone like Saria who has a lot of cheap effects. But, I was really intrigued by the concepts of Jessa's card, especially the resource drain and damage over time. So, here is the build I came up with for her. I wanted to decrease her overall costs (resources and actions) and hence increase her overall damage output. Also, by decreasing the cost to play/activate cards, it allows me to have resources to activate her ability more often.

    Possible starting cards are in Italics, although starting cards will vary upon who you are up against.

    Phoenixborn & Magic Dice
    Jessa Na Ni with 7 Ceremonial Dice & 3 Charm Dice

    Ready Spells
    2x Blood Transfer
    2x Chant of Revenge
    3x Small Sacrifice
    3x Summon Blood Puppet with 5 Blood Puppets

    Action Spells
    3x Fear

    Alteration Spells
    3x Undying Heart

    Reaction Spells
    3x Final Cry
    2x Redirect

    3x Anchornaut
    3x Leech Warrior
    3x Living Doll

    Notable and interesting interactions in the deck:
    *To complement the resource drain, Leech Warrior and Blood Puppet can work wonders. It will put plays into a spot of deciding between playing cards or using resources to remove the Blood Puppets. Leech Warrior only makes that decision tougher as resources can dwindle even quicker.
    *Anchornaut is amazing. It is really cheap to play and cost nothing to activate. You can use the damage to remove pesky units on your opponents side, as well as trigger your Leech Warriors more often. Also, it has a base Recover of 1, which doesn't do anything alone but works very well with Undying Heart, making your opponent have to deal 3 damage to him at once to remove kill him.
    *Chant of Revenge is also astounding in Jessa, as you will often want your own units to die. And, you do not have to pay resources to activate it.
    *Ceremonial Magic with Anchornaut and Living Doll is amazing. As these two allies will die often, you will want to be able to bring them back. And upon doing so from the Ceremonial Dice Power, you end up taking no damage due to their 0 Attack. And with Anchornaut being so cheap, you could potentially return it to your hand, play it, and then activate it all in the same turn. And with Chant of Revenge in play, the more times things die the better. Also, with 7 Ceremonial Dice in the pool, you will often have the Power side available to activate the dice.

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    I like the way you're thinking. Jessa's base deck is not my favorite, but I love deckbuilding with her.

    This is pretty similar to my all-ceremonial Jessa deck, which you can find on this forum. Obviously, with all ceremonial dice, I lose Blood Transfer, Undying Heart, Redirect, and Living Doll. I replace them with Expand Energy, Bound Soul, Summon Sleeping Widows, and (in my latest versions) Enchanted Violinist. Summon Sleeping Widows, in particular, is a really nice way to keep your battlefield stocked; I might consider one or two of them in this deck.

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