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Thread: Mods, Tweaks, Alt Rules, Scenarios

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    Default Mods, Tweaks, Alt Rules, Scenarios

    General thread for people to post their additions, subtractions, suggestions, modifications, tweaks, alternate rules or any game Mod's they may be working on. Certainly the more detail the better!

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    The Crossroads Story Rule - When reading a Crossroads card's options, only read the "story" part. Don't tell the players what game effects accompany each decision. This rule makes it much more tense, as you don't know the effects of the card until after you have made your choice, like in real life. The only problem with this rule is that in some cases, the player reading the card may have to add on some material to make the options clear. For example, Bev Russell's card isn't very clear if you only read flavor text, so after option 1, the player reading may just add "Bev defends the children" and on option 2, they add "Bev burns down the school."
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