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    Default Question about moving


    I've gone through the threads and seen videos, but maybe I just missed it.

    My question is, if a survivor dies from exposure while moving, does that mean they die at the location they were at or the location they were moving to?

    *Also, when you acquire an equip card, can you equip and use it immediately?

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    They die at the location they're moving to.

    Yes you can equip and use immediately, even a survivor far away can equip it.

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    Wrong. If a survivor goes to the grocery store and another survivor is ther, but died when they got there. The other survivor can not just get to use it. The equipment is shuffled into the locations deck.

    From the video of "Dead of Winter - How to Play" at time stamp 10:38. If the player dies outside the colony the equipment is shuffled into that locations deck. If the player died at the colony the players owner returns it to their hand.

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