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Thread: Phoenixborn of the Shadow Clan

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    Default Phoenixborn of the Shadow Clan

    My first crack at a custom PB with an ally

    Lucas Shade
    Phoenixborn Of the Shadow Clan
    Life 18
    Battlefield 6
    Spell Board 4
    After a player has declared blockers or guards, you may spend 1 basic die and place 1 exhaustion token on this card. If you do, replace your attacking unit with another unexhausted unit from your battlefield. (Before Damage is Resolved)

    Shadow Ninja: - Ally - Battlefield
    Cost: Main Action + 1 Mask/Illusion die + 1 Basic die

    When this unit attacks alone it gains :
    Sabotage - After this unit is declared as an attacker, you may pay 1 basic die to place an exhaust token on unit with 2 or fewer attack.

    Attack 2 Life 2 Recover 1

    I have a couple other ideas, that would allow a player to put an ally back in their hand when a unit counters their attack. Also like to entertain the idea of giving units Combat Advantage but I want it to be balanced of course.

    Alteration Spell:
    Shadow Dancer: -Alteration Spell - Unit
    Cost: Main Action + 1 Mask + Knife

    Unit gains: Stealth - While attacking a unit, this unit can not be guarded by a unit with Unit Guard. Also this unit can not be a target of an attack.

    Fleeting - Discard this card at the end of the round]
    [+2 Attack][Respark: 1 Basic]
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    sounds fun to play! I haven't played enough yet to get a total grasp of the balance yet though.

    my only comment would be that you need to rename the ambush ability. perhaps call it distract since it exhausts a unit. the reason you need to rename it is we already have an ability called Ambush (on the stormwind sniper) so any ability called Ambush X should basically do the same thing as the sniper just with different amounts of damage.

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    Good call. I thought Ambush was just a keyword that triggered when you put them into play. Similar to how Legendary works. "Surprise" or "infiltrate" might work better.

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