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Thread: Blue Jaguar vs Strange Copy

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    Default Blue Jaguar vs Strange Copy


    We couldn't tell if a Blue Jaguar could Gaze a Strange Copy or not...

    Blue Jaguar states "After a unit comes into play on an opponents battlefield, you may spend (M) to place one exhaustion token on that unit"

    Strange Copy states "When placing this spell on your battlefield, choose..." "...This spell is considered to be an ally that has..."

    So the two interpretations are:

    1) When Strange Copy comes into play it is an action spell, not a unit. Only after it has come into play does it's text resolve and it is considered a unit. As a Blue Jaguars' ability targets units as they come into play it cannot be triggered - an action spell has come into play not a unit. That spell is subsequently considered a unit.

    2) Strange Copy's text is resolved as part of it coming into play, thus as it comes into play it is already considered an ally (as well as an action spell). Thus it can be gazed by a Blue Jaguar.#

    Both interpretations seem reasonable - is there a correct one?

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    You place the spell on the battlefield, so it is a spell when it comes into play. Then it is considered an ally after it is in play. No trigger for gaze occured because it didn't become a unit until after it entered play.

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