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    Default Show me your deck

    The title says it all. I know that you can find many interesting deckbuilds in the "SW strategy" part of the the forum but i would like to create something assigned to the SW app. It can be very helpful for new players who don't know how to begin building a deck (especially if they do not know the new factions).
    So, i'll start with my (already known ) SE deck.
    7 x swordsman
    5 x hunter
    Game Center ID: Nadhir 99

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    I'll bite. I imagine some people are being quiet with the big tournament starting up next week. I've only been playing for a little bit here with the new decks in this environment, but here's some of what I've been playing:

    Tundle (5-1)


    8 Gem Mage
    5 Scholar

    *I have yet to summon Malevolence, so I'm thinking Sprog should make an appearance. I've been surprised by how relevant the starting Miners have been in some games against Demagogue, but I still don't think I'll put any extra in the draw pile. (9-4)


    6x Apprentice Mage
    4x Hunter
    1x Swamp Beast
    4x Savager

    I've been finding Splub to be pretty expensive, usually opting to summon more commons instead, so I might sub him out for Murk. I've been using Mugglug's events a lot, so I think Glurp would get in the way. I'm liking Splack's Entangle, especially when attacking 2-lifers: it's a win/win. That singleton Swamp Beast has been pretty relevant, so I'm thinking of putting in more, but I'm not sure what I'd cut. Two of my four losses were actually to Selundar, after everyone talked about how it's lopsided the other way. I've made some mental mistakes and some good Summon the Nights have ended some games for me.

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    Glurp, Splack, Glarg - starters, 5 Conjurer, 4 Apprentice mages, 2 Swamp beasts, 4 Savager
    Conjurer, Mages and Glarg as your base, Glurp and Savager as your powerhouse. Splacks ability and beasts as optional tech against defensive factions. Works extremely well! Note: I'm using AM as fighting units at the front - they serve as 1 for 0 or 2/1 for 1 common and occasionally ranged finisher. They are there in case Conjurer can not do the job. Occasionally I just kill them for the wall alone.

    Kyndar, Lun, Duggle (saved for Urick) - starters, 4 Stone Golems, 6 Gem Mages, 3 Schoolars
    Golems for staying power and they can be moved in the attack phase via Kyndar and still attack. Schoolars for big wake the fathers gem turns against champs and Lun, Kyndar, Gemmages for the huge combos. Duggle adds assassination potential.

    Silts, Biter, Sand Worm - starters, 7 Shamans, 3 Javelineers, 3 Slayer
    I play offensive with lots of Shamans + Escape and Krusk - either to save Krusk or get out of Krusk firing line. I'm ok with only 3 Javelineers as the two starting ones usually stick around for a while. Biter and Worm might not be to easy to handle but that's what Silts, Taunt and Sandstorm are for! Slayer as tech vs. champs/beefy commons.

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