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Thread: "Abundance" and Pheonixborn abilities

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    Default "Abundance" and Pheonixborn abilities

    Played our first game with Saria Guideman today. One question we had was if Abundance has the ability to deal two damage per card not drawn. We didn't actually run into the situation so here's a hypothetical. I am playing against Saria, and have 0 cards in my deck available for drawing. If my opponent activates the "abundance" spell, may I "choose" not to draw thus only activating the damage from the spell, or must I take damage from the spell as well as the generic game rule that I take one damage for each card unable to be drawn? Thus, receiving 2 damage per card not drawn?

    Second question: Are Pheonixborn and Dice abilities "spells"? In the same game I was damaging Saria's Seaside Ravens with Aradel Summergaard's "Water Blast" as well as using the "Natural Dice" ability to deal damage. Were these actions legal? The Seaside Raven's "Magic Guard" ability states that it cannot be affected by an opponent's spell. Does this include dice and Pheonixborn, or only cards that say "ready spell" or "Action Spell" and the like?

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    As per the rules, you only take damage from not being able to draw by rule during the beginning of a round, not for things like Abundance.

    No, only Action Spells and Ready Spells and Reactions Spells are spells, not unit abilities, phoenixborn abilities, or dice powers.
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    Alterations are also spells

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