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    Didn't see this coming. It's scary hearing our beloved PHG is part of a bigger company. It's like when that artist you love gets signed by a bigger label. It's exciting, but you know things will change, you just hope for the better.

    According to BGG "The press release explains that F2Z will be covering logistics so that PHG can do its design thing". Also mentioned that are pushing for better global releases "Starting in 2016, @Filosofiagames will release all @PlaidHatGames titles in French. Simultaneous releases in German & Dutch planned too." Which is good to hear as I know their EU release dates are usually later then US.

    Link to press release:

    Congrats to PHG. This is huge a huge step. Keep up the great games and let's keep them rolling!
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    Second that. I believe PHG will continue to make good decisions, and hopefully Plaid Hat crew have more time to do what they do, which is make great games. Colby, are you putting your game design hat back on? (*Rhetorical* I know it's mostly fans in the forums...)

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    I am French and we get here a lot of games from FILOSOFIA.
    With my two boys, 9 and 11 , we are fan about SUMMONER WARS and we have got all the factions in French and English.

    I am very interesing about ASHES RISE OF THE PHOENIX BORN, we play MAGIC at home but the money that we need to spend with this game is gorgeous to have fun,

    So I am pleased to see Play Hat games with the same group with FILOSOFIA, it will be an assurance to have (I HOPE I HOPE) ASHES translate in France and released here.

    because it is a very good game and very complete to play with a faction , no need to get the good card to win the battle !!

    So good luck to F2Z

    christ from France

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    This is exciting news for PHG fans around the world. French, German, and Dutch translations will be awesome. The presence of a digital division may also bode well for future app versions of games!

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    Could this also mean that we get EU friendlier shipping costs? Fingers crossed

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    Hopefully this will mean a translation of Dead of Winter into Dutch, the language barrier is the only thing keeping me from purchasing it. As without full understanding of English it seems it wouldn't do the game justice.

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