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Thread: Living Doll - Definition of "Life Value"

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    Default Living Doll - Definition of "Life Value"

    A bit of a rule dispute on the Ashes Online FB Group (

    What is meant by "Life Value" on the Living Doll card?

    I believe it means, literally, the value of Life as printed on card, ergo it stays 3 at all time, barring attached cards that manipulate that number.

    One other poster assumes it means "remaining Life", and that damage on the card reduces that value.

    I don't understand why one would believe that since it seems clear due to RAW, but an actual word from the designers would help clear that out.

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    If it means remaining life, the amount of damage it takes.could never be more than 1, right?
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    According to the rulebook, when resolving damage you deal the entire amount of damage to that unit, there's nothing saying that you only deal a number up to that unit's life total before it is killed. Playing a card like Undying Heart would increase the target's life value, but taking wound tokens does not decrease life value, it's just a representation of how much damage something has taken. So this has got to be total life.

    So for an example:
    A living doll with 3 life value and 2 wound tokens takes 5 damage.

    1 damage would be enough to kill it, but there's no limit to how much damage a unit can take and the wound tokens do not lower the life value to 1. Therefore we look to see what's less, 5 dmg or 3 life, so the Living Doll's triggered ability would deal 3 damage to a target.

    If this is correct, that makes it pretty interesting as you should never try and overkill a Living doll with wound tokens on it. It's much better to finish off a Living Doll with as little damage as possible. A very handy tidbit to know.

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    life value is constant, it can be modified by game effect such as alteration spells or the charms dice power ability. wounds do not reduce life value. a unit is destroyed when it has a number of wounds equal to its life value.

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