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Thread: The OFFICIAL SW App Tournament Summer 2015: General Discussion Thread

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    killercactus is offline SW App Champion Summer 2015, but still do what he says.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivier View Post
    You love Duggle, don't you?
    I guess I do. BTBAM was the first one to really start running Duggle a lot, and he opened my eyes to him. The power to move and attack twice in one turn for 1 magic is very powerful, especially in a meta consisting of Golems, Runies, Savagers, Mutations, etc.

    And Thanks for your comments in the other thread. I was very dissatisfied with my older tourney results, but always felt like I was a much better player with the Master Set decks and Rallul, so I'm glad I was able to back up that claim.
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    Waterd will probably give me a hard time for it
    Not at all, is generally better for a tournament player to pick something they are comfortable with thats op.

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