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    I get the impression Plaid Hat and Lvl99 fans overlap a bit, so I thought this might be of interest. They're making a new fighting card game (not to replace Battlecon, thankfully). There are a few major similarities, but the most immediately obvious differences are that you take turns (though your attacks will still be simultaneous, just not your movement and other stuff) and you have a shuffled deck, so there's randomness, not just a single hand. There is also a gauge you fill throughout the game that you can spend to power-up.

    They're planning to do a monthly release system for a new fighter deck and do a season of four releases based on the same property. They're starting out with Red Horizon, the theme made up for UFS when they stopped doing video game characters, but it says they'll be looking to make up new characters and use properties from video games, board games, and other stuff, which could be neat.

    My printer is broken, so I won't be able to try the demo just yet, but when I do, I'll post impressions if there's interest. I'm intrigued.

    EDIT: Played it once. My friend and I both really enjoyed it. He isn't a fan of Battlecon because it gives him analysis paralysis, but this game's decisions are not so intimidating to make. Still lots of choices to make. The hit gauge is a really nice addition, and the way you take turns to move / draw gives it a more relaxed pace, so you aren't spending 30 minutes just staring down your opponent trying not to give away your play.
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