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Thread: Will Tail Feathers Be Here?

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    Default Will Tail Feathers Be Here?

    I read somewhere that M&M was making a spinoff called "Tail Feathers". I have at least two questions about it:

    1. Will Tail Feathers be from this game company?
    2. What can you tell me about the storyline?

    If anyone has speculations, please tell me! And, also, I'd like to hear the official word, as well. (nudge, nudge, , )


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    1) Yes Tail Feathers will be a Plaid Hat Games release.
    2) Jerry, the designer has talked a little bit about the story.
    Tail Feathers is a Tactical Miniatures game, so different from Mice and Mystics and the storyline aspect is different as well. So, there is a story that goes along with a short campaign and that tells you about the events surrounding what is happening in the game. The story takes place after the events of Downwood Tales.

    As far as official word--it hasn't been officially put up at this sight, but Colby and others have mentioned they are shooting for a late 2015 release (perhaps Essen).
    Also, there are plans to display some of the materials (models) from Tail Feathers at GenCon. So, if you're going there, be sure to stop by, or if not follow the media coverage.

    I'd expect to see various coverage of Tail Feathers showing up on the Website in advance of its release. So, keep checking back.


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