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Thread: Five players - Prophet as Traitor

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    Default Five players - Prophet as Traitor

    Question came up while at board game club. If the traitor is the Prophet, can the agent lie about where he/she was when the Prophet uses Post-Cognition. I understand that the agent can give false information, but lying about this seems really powerful. If the agent can lie can he say any space?

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    Yes, from the FAQ:
    "Yes, the agent can give false information when the traitor uses a special ability that reveals information." Note special restriction on motion sensor of occupied vehicle.

    While it may seem overpowered, realize its also higher risk of revealing the identity of the traitor. 'His post cognition said you were at B2, next turn you are spotted at [some far away spot]. It is impossible to have moved that far in 3 turns, we know you lied to Prophet, therefore Prophet is traitor...'

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