I'm gonna start with the deck I plan on playing first after playing through each of the base decks once each. I have previous professional deckbuilding experience in other games, so I figure as long as I understand the nature of the game, I'm going to always build decks that seem to take advantage of what I feel is a weak point.

Deck Name:
Mist Lockdown

Aradel Summergaard

4x Nature
3x Illusion
3x Charm

Deck: (* is recommended First Five; First Five changes depending on opposing Phoenixborn slightly)
3x Shifting Mist
3x Summon Blue Jaguar*
2x Summon Butterfly Monk*
1x Abundance*

3x Golden Veil
3x Sympathy Pain
2x Redirect
2x Shadow Counter

3x Molten Gold
2x Seal
1x Open Memories*

3x Fade Away
2x Reflections in the Water

- No Allies -

How to Play:
Every opponent loves to summon their own minions to do the dirty work for them. Please. They're wasting their time. Once you set up your spells, all you need to do is wait for your opponent to do something. Everything they do can be countered by you, from exhausting minions to sealing their spells. And you spent less magic than they did, giving you more use out of your excess cards and magic. Use your excess magic to hit them directly, and guard liberally, your superior Battlefield Value allows you to really hit what matters: your opponent's life total. No matter what they try to do, you'll be ready for them.