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Thread: Dead of Winter box insert modification

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    Default Dead of Winter box insert modification

    I noticed the stacks of cards in the Dead of Winter box have a tendency to slide around and get jumbled up, and they're also a bit of a pain to extract from the box sometimes. So I had an idea for some simple improvements to the default insert. All you need is a few pieces of thin cardboard, a craft knife, and a ruler.



    EDIT: Tips:
    * The finger-holes are about the size of an American quarter, you can use one to trace out the circles before cutting.
    * The dividers I added are about half an inch wider than the space they're dividing. You could go longer to make sure they stay, sometimes they slip out. They're just slide into slits on either side of the compartment and are held there by friction.
    * The large compartment is divided into a smaller area (for zombies) and a larger area (for survivors) to make it easier to shuffle the survivors around to find particular ones when they're needed.
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    why did I not see this earlier? This is fantastic!

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    Simple, effective, cheap, uses materials readily available? 5 stars for you, sir.
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