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Thread: Tower of Terror: The Search Deck

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    Is it just me, or is the search deck getting a bit out of hand (no pun)? Between S&R, Glorm, and Downwood my search deck has becoming a towering monster. Having sleeved the cards to avoid wear and tear from frequent shuffling has probably doubled the height of the stack. I have large hands, and I still have trouble managing this massive deck.

    I have tried removing cards that didn't seem to fit in with the Downwood setting, but it only amounted to a few cards, like Scroll of Summon Cat and Catnip (although I think there is a strong case to be made for feral cats probably being a peril of a forest just beyond areas of human settlement). That still leaves me with a stack so tall it eclipses large chunks of the initiative track from most seats at our table if I leave the deck on its place on the control board.

    So, my question is: How do you find the search deck? Do you find it problematic? What strategies have you come up with for making it more manageable?

    I would love to see an app that could handle search deck functionality (especially if the next expansion adds another 20-60 cards to the deck)!

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    I've found one promising solution somewhere on BGG so it's not original, but here you go:

    Sort the cards of the deck by style: weapons, group objects, scroll, treachery cards. So now, when a search has succeeded, you can choose from what 'type' of thing you want. Or even simply sort buy Weapon, Armor, Item, and Treachery.
    Also when some bad happens in combat or otherwise, you may have to take a card from the treachery deck. Also to start, you can remove some of the best search items. Every chapter, add 2 at random back into the deck. (Keeps them from getting too powerful early on, plus always something new to search for each chapter).

    Let me know if you try these out and if they work.


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