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Thread: Rotate this card 90 degrees

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    Default Rotate this card 90 degrees

    Is this too simple of a concept or is it obvious that if the Agent rotates one of its cards 90 degrees, that its not secret at all.
    There is only 2 cards that I see in the game that rotate when used " ADRENAL SURGE" and "STEALTH FIELD". so it is easy to say
    that when this happens the Hunters have a good Idea that its one or the other. Its not like they have to guess from all the possible cards in the game.

    if I'm seeing this wrong, please let me know. Just got my copy in the mail and can't wait to play.

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    Right, it lets the Hunters know it was one of two items. It's halfway between being a total secret and revealing the card immediately.
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    Intermesting question TRage..!
    If I'm a Hunter and I see that my opponent just "used" something, I should assume he just outran me and I need to get to my vehicle and go... somewhere, fast..?
    If you're the Agent, you know you can use another equipment card just to double back or cross the map entirely, two equipment cards back to back seems to lose them all (I mean twelve movement including diagonal?)
    I have the Hunters losing every time and it's sad.
    How to Hunt 101 anyone..?

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    Possibly further expansions will add more rotate 90 degree cards as well...

    Quote Originally Posted by B376Bishop View Post
    I have the Hunters losing every time and it's sad.
    How to Hunt 101 anyone..?
    I think its very important to not let the agent get "ahead" of you. Yes, you could use back to back adrenal surges, but now you are nearly out of items, and we can still deduce where you are (especially if you have objectives still left to hack). If you saved 2 adrenal surges for your escape after hacking all objectives, gg, you probably got this one.
    Car Placement is key: Nobody can catch up to the agent except maybe the Beast, So if the agent gets well past you (maybe with 2 AdreSurg uses) the car needs to be close enough for hunters to get back in it in a turn. This is why Puppet is your friend, he makes it easier to get a hunter across the board in 2 turns.

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